The Game-Changing Process for Generating
Bigger, Better Ideas

by Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer

Chapter 1
Innovation: The New Darwinism

 In case you haven’t noticed, chaos and disruptive change are the new business as usual.

The upheaval over the past several years in business, the economy, politics, technology, education and society in general, are not anomalies. They are the new world order (or lack thereof). The speed at which things change is faster than ever, and accelerating every day.

If you get the sense that no one knows what is going to happen next, like it or not, that is probably the case. Decades-old, global organizations, once viewed as invincible, tumble overnight. Yesterday’s disruptive technology leaders suddenly become irrelevant. And highly skilled business professionals, once coveted by their loyal employers, are out of work with little notice, and with few viable prospects. Except to reinvent themselves.

Reinvention has become the new, critical skill set—for corporations, startups, governments, educational institutions, workgroups and individuals.

Of course none of this should come as a surprise. We have actually been hearing about this evolutionary shift for years, on television news, in magazines, newsletters and in countless blogs. Scores of books have addressed it and Harvard Business School professors have lectured on it. The topic: Innovation.

Of course, “innovation” doesn’t sound quite so intimidating as “continuous reinvention” or, worse, “chaos.” But in today’s world, they are all one in the same. 

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