The Game-Changing Process for Generating
Bigger, Better Ideas

 by Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer

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This Book and How to Use It

Chapter 1: Innovation: The New Darwinism
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Chapter 2: Brainstorming and Why We Love to Hate It
Chapter 3: SmartStorming—The 21st Century Evolution of Brainstorming

Part One: SmartStorming Fundamentals
Chapter 4: SmartStorming Principles and Best Practices

Part Two: The 6-Step SmartStorming Process
Chapter 5: Step 1—Developing a Blueprint for Success
Chapter 6: Step-2: Aligning Your Group for Collaboration
Chapter 7: Step–3: Creating a Springboard for the Imagination
Chapter 8: Step–4: Generating Ideas! Unleashing Your Group’s Creative Genius
Chapter 9: Step 5: Harvesting Your Group’s Most Innovative Ideas
Chapter 10: Step-6—Transforming Ideas into New Realities

Part Three: SmartStorming Leadership Skills
Chapter 11: Inspiring and Guiding Your Group to Greatness
Chapter 12: Managing Divergent and Convergent Thinking
Chapter 13: Asking Powerful Questions

Chapter 14: Escaping the Box—The Power of Challenging Assumptions and Limiting Beliefs
Chapter 15: Maximizing Your Group’s Productivity

Chapter 16: Getting Your Group Off to a Fast Start
Chapter 17: Engaging the “Silent Thinkers”
Chapter 18: Managing Groups of Different Sizes
Chapter 19: SmartStorming Leadership: Frequently Asked Questions

Part Four: SmartStorming Pilot’s Toolkit
Chapter 20: SmartStorming Idea Generation Techniques and Tools

Channeling Genius
Escaping the Box
Group Graffiti
Idea Mashup
Idea Speed Dating
Idea Sprinting
In Their Shoes
Mind Mapping
Pump-Up the Value
Re-Imagine it!
Think Much, Much Bigger
Vision Boards
What If?
SmartStorming Value Compass
Idea Selection Diagnostic Matrix

Chapter 21: Guides, Planners and Worksheets
Rules of the Game
Rules for Selecting Ideas
25 Great Icebreaker Activities
25 Effective Piloting Questions for Any Challenge
SmartStorming Pre-Session Planner
Solo SmartStorming Pre-Session Planner
Determining your Challenge, Goals & Objective Worksheet
Participant Selection Planner
Idea Selection Criteria Worksheet
Next Steps: 5-As Action Planner
SmartStorming 6-Step Session Flowchart
Piloting Your First Session Checklist

Part Five:  Solo SmartStorming
Chapter 22: Solo SmartStorming–Liberating Your Own Creative Genius

Part Six:  Open Innovation and Virtual SmartStorming
Chapter 23: Open Innovation and Virtual SmartStorming

Part Seven:  A Bird’s-Eye View
Chapter 24–SmartStorming: Putting It All Together
Chapter 25: Welcome to a New Paradigm in Idea Generation

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