How to Approach Presentation Design Like an Innovative Thinking Genius

Don’t you think the world has seen enough “me too” PowerPoint presentations? Haven’t too many people been lulled to sleep by mediocre,  status quo presentation design?

All great work starts with an idea, and presentations are no exception. And the more innovative the idea, the more exceptional the end product will be.

Watch the replay of our webinar (sponsored by PresentationXpert) on how to approach presentation design in the way an innovative genius would.  SmartStorming partners Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer, authors of SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generation Bigger, Better Ideas, show you how to use out-of-the-box thinking and six idea-inspiring steps to get your ideas started out right and then apply it to presentation design and delivery. They also share some real-world examples of how their clients used this to improve their presentations, both in style and in delivery.

You'll also get a taste of what it's like to play the “What If” game - using SmartStorming's Idea Sprinting technique. (Full instructions for Idea Sprinting are included in our free 14-page report, "7 Secrets for Supercharging Your Brainstorms,"

Remember, no idea is off the table. This is the foundation to get the
ideas started and build that innovative, wow presentation.

How will you approach your next presentation design? Are you game?