Ideation: Team Sport or Individual Event?

Do people generate ideas more effectively in groups, or flying solo?

You probably have an opinion. Most people who regularly engage in idea generation do.

Those who consider themselves naturally “creative,” and more talented thinkers than their peers, tend to believe they work better when unencumbered by others' limitations. Those who value the unique perspectives and abilities of their teammates tend to favor brainstorming.

In fact, the comparison is somewhat unfair. Gifted and highly skilled creative problem solvers will almost always shine when compared to teams that are untrained, unpracticed, clumsy and poorly led.

But what about a team that’s on top of its game?

A recent study conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University revealed that when utilizing several proven, effective group ideation techniques (at least 10 or 11 of over 20 identified), brainstorming was extremely effective. Conversely, when such best practices were not employed, the sessions failed.

In order for any team to succeed, it needs talent, skill, experience, practice, a proven play book… and most of all, a dynamic coach and leader.

Will a team like that outperform a single, solitary superstar on the field?

Why not build one and find out for yourself?