Innovation Essentials Video Part 2: A Workable Definition of Innovation

We all talk about innovation. We all want to do it. But do we really understand it?

Before we can apply the innovation process and master the art of problem solving, we first have to understand just what is innovation.

In fact, there really is no common, universally accepted definition of innovation. It's highly probable that everyone watching this video has his or her own... or even more likely, none at all.

In this video SmartStorming partner and co-founder, Mitchell Rigie, reveals a simple, workable definition of innovation. One that is broad enough to apply to virtually every circumstance, while at the same time providing a "benchmark" by which to measure your innovation and creative problem solving efforts.

In addition, he discusses the various types of innovation, and how they lead to different categories of innovative business ideas.

If you've ever wondered to yourself, "Just what is innovation, anyway?" this video should provide greater clarity and understanding - and make you far more effective when engaging in problem solving activities in the future.