Is Innovation the Opposite of Fear?

The response many organizations have to the current economic environment is one based on fear -- fear of annihilation. And it's not an unreasonable view. Just look around.

However, history and nature teach us that fear in the face of adversity is weakness, a severe disadvantage that eventually takes one down its own path of destruction.

To anyone able to maintain a clear perspective in the current maelstrom, it's glaringly obvious that cutting staff, resources, capabilities, training, services -- vision -- can only result in cutting something else that is crucially important. Present and future success.

Obviously when revenue is diminished, something has to give. But the only rationale response to our present situation is to operate from a perspective of opportunity. Not "How can I stick it out and survive?" but rather, "How, given current conditions, can I innovatively capitalize on my circumstances, healthily sustain and prepare for future opportunities?"

It's a matter of perspective.

Operate from fear, and perish. Innovate , and thrive.