It’s Not Easy Thinking Small

Not so long ago, all you had to do was show up, do your job (a.k.a. “the minimum expected of you”), try not to make waves—and you could live a pretty good, hassle-free life. And if you did that long enough you could eventually get paid for doing nothing at all.

Being a small thinker offered big rewards. But oh, how times have changed.

Today, the people (and companies) that sail through life and recessions are those that show up early and stay late; that continually reinvent and ramp up their “jobs” (a.k.a. “the value they deliver to others”); that, rather than avoiding waves, joyfully stir things up on a daily basis.

Big thinkers. Like artists. And athletes. And Apple. And anyone who desperately wants to succeed.

Small thinking leads inevitably to greater challenges, increased frustration and, eventually, non-relevance. Big thinking is, well...it’s the easy way out.

Are you a small thinker? Why on earth would anyone want to work that hard?