SmartStorming®  Skills Development Programs Are the Smartest Investment You
Can Make in Your Organization.

Our intensive, hands-on skills development programs provide the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary for experiencing highly productive and rewarding problem-solving sessions, time after time.

Our SmartStormer Innovative Problem Solving program is designed to help any individual be the best problem-solver possible—how to unleash your hidden creative genius, the importance of collaboratively building on others’ ideas, Rules of the Game, solo idea generation techniques, and much more.

SmartStorming Leadership Training teaches team leaders and  managers the 6-Step SmartStorming Innovative Problem-Solving Process, which dramatically improves meeting flow and outcomes, as well as the critical leadership skills and proven problem-solving techniques guaranteed to boost any group’s output of fresh, new, innovative solutions.

Each of our programs is a state-of-the-art learning experience that combines advanced, yet easy-to-understand principles with highly interactive exercises and activities that stimulate deep learning and immediate real-world application.

SmartStorming Programs Available

SmartStorming Participants

SmartStormer Individual

This one-day training program is specifically designed to teach individuals how to be the best brainstorm participants possible, as well as how to be more effective when generating ideas on their own.  More…

SmartStorming Brainstorm Leader Training

SmartStorming Leader 

This one-day intensive, hands-on program provides the skills, tools, and techniques necessary for conducting highly productive and rewarding group ideation sessions, time after time. More...

SmartStorming Brainstorm Master

SmartStorming Master

This 2-day program covers all the comprehensive material in the SmartStorming Leader Training, with additional emphasis on critical leadership skills, advanced tools, and a greater variety of proven ideation techniques. More…

Other SmartStorming Programs

Other Programs

We offer a range of other SmartStorming programs such as half-day SmartStorming Discovery, Leadership Coaching, and custom idea-generation programs. More...


The SuperSkill: The Secret to Highly Persuasive Communication and Presentations

Innovation Alchemy: Problem Solving Secrets of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Buff: Developing Exceptional Client/Agency Relationships


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