SmartStorming Brainstorm Leadership–a New Group Brainstorming Process That Provides You with the Three Essential Elements Necessary for Success

SmartStorming is the 21st-century evolution of brainstorming, an advanced creative thinking technology that eliminates the fundamental weaknesses of traditional brainstorming and results in a greater breadth and depth of new innovative ideas. SmartStorming is built on the three core essential elements critical for group ideation success: 1) highly productive structure, 2) effective leadership skills, and 3) proven idea-generation techniques that get results.

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The SmartStorming proprietary 6-step process optimizes the flow of ideas and energy, helping to maximize creative performance and productivity. Like the carefully sequenced acts of a tightly choreographed play, each SmartStorming step builds on the one before. Groups stay on schedule and make the best possible use of time.

SmartStorming Leadership Skills

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The majority of individuals leading traditional brainstorms have had little to no formal training whatsoever in how to do it. SmartStorming provides the principles and specific skills a session leader needs to help inspire and guide a group more productively and with less effort from start to finish.

 Proven Idea-Generation Techniques

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SmartStorming includes a toolkit of proven effective idea-generation techniques that can be used by any group for any creative, strategic, tactical, or planning challenge.

SmartStorming was specifically designed to address each of the weaknesses of traditional brainstorming.

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SmartStorming provides you with a dependable, repeatable system that ensures increased efficiency (through a proven structure and facilitation skills), greater productivity (thanks to proven ideation techniques and tools), and vastly improved group participation, contribution, and morale.

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