Developing Exceptional Client/Agency Relationships

Designed specifically for client-service businesses, SmartStorming’s 1-day Buff Training instills proven concepts and techniques designed to help individuals and teams evolve in every area related to relationship-based client service. The ultimate objective of Buff participants is to exceed client expectations at every opportunity, leading to stronger relationships that are more productive, mutually beneficial and free of friction or resistance. The working partnership becomes more enjoyable; additional opportunities and new sources of revenue flow spontaneously from a sense of shared purpose. Getting “Buff” results in happier clients, and happier agency teams.

How you will benefit …

  • Improved agency/client relationships
  • Increased client satisfaction, potentially leading to greater retention and revenue
  • Improved communication between agency and clients, and among team members
  • Increased levels of collaboration and productivity
  • Renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose
  • Improved quality of work life
  • Stronger organization-wide sense of pride

What you will learn …

  • How to quickly and objectively evaluate the current state of the agency/client relationship
  • How to truly understand and meet any client’s true business and personal needs
  • How to identify and eliminate ongoing conflicts
  • How to identify key areas for improving relationships and performance
  • How to identify and address potential problems, before they even happen
  • How to create a blueprint for getting agency/client relationship(s) into the “Buff Zone”

To learn how you can bring SmartStorming training to your organization, please click here.

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