Innovative Thinking & Idea Generation
for Individuals

This one-day training program is specifically designed to teach any individual how to be more effective when generating ideas on their own, as well as how to be the best meeting participant possible.

Everyone has innovative thinking ability. The secret to successfully unleashing it when working alone is to move beyond self-doubt and allow oneself to make new, spontaneous associations. As in group sessions, specific techniques can be used to facilitate the process.

When it comes to group idea generation, the success of the session depends on how well participants will actively contribute; overcome inhibition and insecurities; collaborate effectively; and learn to build on the ideas of others, productively.

This program provides individuals at any level with the understanding, tools, and techniques they need to more effectively and efficiently generate bigger, better, more innovative ideas, whether working in a group or solo.

How you will benefit …

  • Improved confidence when generating ideas
  • Increased levels of collaboration and productivity
  • Greater sense of enthusiasm and purpose
  • Stronger organization-wide ability to brainstorm new ideas
  • Supercharged solo idea generation ability

What you will learn …

  • Why innovative thinking is an important career skill
  • 4 Most common impediments to innovative thinking
  • 7 Ways to overcome self-consciousness to contribute more
  • The secret to making spontaneous new associations and connections
  • Understanding Divergent and Convergent thinking processes
  • 6 Different approaches to generating ideas
  • How to contribute ideas as part of a team or in large groups
  • How to collaborate effectively and build upon the ideas of others
  • How to generate bigger and better ideas on your own

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