Innovative Problem Solving
for Teams & Individuals

Our newest and most powerful program!

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, we’re all under constant pressure...

  • to deliver new and improved products and services to our customers and clients;
  • to respond instantly to shifting market conditions;
  • to take advantage of new, unexpected opportunities;
  • to meet and exceed our own organization’s demand for excellence at every level of the organization.

In other words, we’re all under pressure to innovate…every day.

Innovation, in practical terms, is solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities, in new or different ways that deliver greater value or benefit. That’s why problem solving has become one of the most critical skills necessary for success in business today.

SmartStorming Innovative Problem Solving is a powerful, comprehensive, and flexible process for tackling tough business challenges of any kind, quickly and effectively. It provides a proven methodology, skills and tools necessary for consistently generating more innovative solutions, whenever they are needed.

This highly interactive workshop provides thorough instruction on the basic principles of SmartStorming Innovative Problem Solving, a scalable and repeatable process, essential leadership skills (for team leaders guiding groups), and hands-­on experience with proven problem-solving tools and techniques.

The SmartStorming Innovative Problem Solving workshop combines advanced, yet easy-­to-­understand principles with enjoyable team and individual exercises and activities that stimulate deep learning and immediate real world application.

How you will benefit …

  • Generate innovative solutions for tough business challenges, on demand, whenever you need them
  • Maximize the productivity and contribution of yourself and your team
  • Get to the actual ‘heart of the problem” faster, so that viable solutions are generated more quickly
  • Reduce time spent on problem solving by 50% or more
  • Minimize confusion and subjectivity when evaluating potential solutions
  • Maintain your organization’s competitive edge

What you will learn …

  • A structured, scalable problem-­solving process for superior productivity
  • Techniques for getting problem-­solving sessions off to a fast-­start
  • How to engage every team member and get their very best thinking
  • A range of proven problem-­solving techniques that produce better, more innovative solutions
  • How to proactively manage different personality types to keep sessions on track, on strategy and on time
  • How to quickly organize and select the best ideas for solving the problem
  • How to effectively establish next steps and follow-­through to bring ideas to life
  • How to think and perform like an innovative problem solver every day

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