This one-day training program is ideal for introducing your organization to the fundamentals of SmartStorming problem-solving methodology. It provides an overview of the breakthrough SmartStorming Innovative Problem-Solving Process and its key principles. Participants learn how the 6-Step SmartStorming Structure will dramatically improve session flow and outcomes, and make leading every problem-solving  session virtually foolproof. They also experience firsthand how the program’s proven tools and techniques will dramatically improve productivity, resulting in a great breadth and depth of fresh, innovative solutions.

How you will benefit …

  • Build a leadership style that inspires “out-of-the-box” thinking
  • Master the art of “experience design” for super-successful sessions
  • Discover skills and techniques for boosting a group’s “Creative Yield”
  • Transform any group into a single “collaborative mind”
  • Avoid false starts, mishaps, and off-strategy distractions
  • Identify and eliminate beliefs and assumptions that can limit creativity
  • Eliminate confusion and subjectivity when evaluating ideas
  • Dramatically improve your group’s track record for implementing ideas

What you will learn …

  • The SmartStorming planning process
  • Techniques for engaging the “silent thinkers”
  • How to keep sessions on track, on strategy, and on time
  • Ways to “Stock the Creative Pond”
  • Techniques for getting groups off to fast starts
  • How to steer your group’s exploration of ideas with confidence
  • How to ignite spontaneous “Popcorning” of ideas
  • Proven problem-solving techniques that get results
  • How to quickly evaluate and select the best solutions
  • How to effectively establish next steps and follow-through

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