The SuperSkill®
Persuasive Communication and Presentations

This powerful one-day program introduces participants to The SuperSkill, our unique, systematic approach to mastering more persuasive interpersonal communication and presentation skills. Not just another "presentation skills" workshop, The SuperSkill is based on the fundamental principles of highly effective strategic marketing communication—but reapplied to personal communication and presentation effectiveness. As every persuasive communicator understands, in order to achieve any objective (sales, motivation, enrollment, etc.), the one thing you absolutely must have is the acceptance and buy-in of the person you are communicating with (your “audience”). In short, you must master the art of persuasion. And that is precisely what The SuperSkill is designed to help individuals achieve in their business presentations and daily communication. The SuperSkill is a unique approach—and one that is so fundamental, so universally applicable, there really is no way to be a truly successful communicator without it.

How you will benefit …

  • Being more self-assured and better prepared for presentations and any important conversation/communication
  • Feeling more “comfortable in your skin”—confident in who you are and what you bring to the table
  • The ability to not only be persuasive, but well-liked and respected in the process
  • The ability to simply and quickly structure a presentation for maximum impact
  • Learning the power of storytelling

What you will learn …

  • The 4-Step SuperSkill process
  • How to determine a clear objective whenever you communicate with others
  • How to “be a detective” and discover exactly what it will take to persuade your audience
  • The real secret to consistently creating win-win situations
  • How to be confident and self-assured in any personal situation or presentation

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