Unleashing Group Genius: 4 Key Benefits of Collaborative Idea Generation

Unleashing Group Genius: 4 Key Benefits
of Collaborative Idea Generation
by Mitchell Rigie & Keith Harmeyer, Partners, SmartStorming.com At some point virtually everyone who works in an organization will be invited to attend a meeting focused on idea generation - in other words, a group brainstorming session. Brainstorming may seem like an obvious activity, something we just do instinctively. But in fact, it’s generally held that brainstorming, as a process, was “invented” back in the 1930s, by a group of advertising professionals led by Alex Osborn (one of the founders of BBDO Advertising). Apparently Osborn was onto something. Ever since its introduction, group brainstorming has been, and continues to be, the most widely utilized process for idea generation in organizations.…

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7 Tips for Innovating Anything in 2016

7 Tips for Innovating Anything in 2016by Mitchell Rigie & Keith Harmeyer, Partners, SmartStorming.com In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, where nonstop innovating has become the price of doing business—and the only "business-as-usual" is that there is no business-as-usual anymore—many organizations struggle to consistently apply innovative thinking, in order to keep up with their customers' unrelenting demand for "new, different, and better."

This non-negotiable requirement to innovate is a fire that has been lit under us all. We all know we need it; we all strive to do it. But many of us have only a vague notion of what it is we're actually working to achieve when we say we're innovating.…

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How innovative were you in 2015?

Taking Stock: How innovative were you in 2015?
Take this quiz and find out.

by Mitchell Rigie & Keith Harmeyer, Partners, SmartStorming LLC

 The “innovation revolution” that has redefined our lives has been in full swing for some time now. But 2015 might well be remembered as the year when profound, disruptive innovation became the new business model for success.

Those companies that embraced bold, game-changing visions and a fearless disregard for norms and conventions have thrived this year—while many companies that clung desperately to the status quo and traditional ways of thinking, lost market share and slipped further into irrelevance. Many of today’s most successful and fastest-growing companies and brands, such as Uber, Airbnb, Under Armour, Chipotle, and eyewear retailer Warber Parker, just to name a few, are not only radically transforming their markets and industries, but also building huge, loyal followings of consumer advocates and brand evangelists.…

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Innovation Essentials Video Part 4: Knocking on Opportunity’s Door

Innovation Essentials Video Part 4: Knocking on Opportunity's Door An innovative spirit, the ability and willingness to take calculated risk, and a powerful vision are all essential to the innovation process. But something more is needed: an opportunity. In order for innovation to take place, the prevailing environment and conditions must be in alignment. No matter how remarkable your innovative business idea may be, it is only as worthwhile as the opportunity you will actually have to bring it to life. And, how successful you are at seizing that opportunity. When we define innovation, we make the point that it must deliver "greater value or benefit.” So it’s got to be something that someone, somewhere really needs or wants.…

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Innovation Essentials Video Part 3: What’s Your Vision

Innovation Essentials Video Part 3: What's Your Vision? Every innovation begins as an idea, an inkling of how something, somehow could be better. But while ideas are the seeds of innovation, every successful innovator understands that they must transform those seeds into something bigger and more substantial - a clear, powerful vision. A vision is much more than an idea. A vision is a guiding light, a "North Star" that provides direction and motivation throughout the innovation process. Your vision is the future reality you strive to create—the change you wish to see in the world. In fact, behind every innovative organization, company, or institution—large or small— there is typically a compelling vision describing, “What could be.” In this eye-opening video, SmartStorming partner and co-founder, Mitchell Rigie, discusses the importance of a clear, powerful vision as the starting point of the innovation process, and discusses the inspirational visions held by some of the world's most innovative companies.…

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