SmartStorming Keynotes, Workshops & Events

SmartStorming Keynotes, Workshops & Events

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Innovation is a hot topic in business today. But at SmartStorming, we don’t just talk about innovation – we make it happen!
Our keynote presentations, workshops, and facilitated work sessions reveal what it really takes to think and act like an innovator, every day.
Your audience or group will leave with new understanding and clarity, greater confidence, and powerful skills that will transform their work, and your organization.

You’re Only as Good as Your Last Idea: Why Innovative Thinking is Your Most Valuable Asset”

In today’s innovation-driven business world, chaos and disruptive change are the new “business as usual.” Each of us faces tough business challenges, complex problems, and unexpected opportunities on a daily basis. Ideas—bold, game-changing ideas that lead to innovative solutions—are the only pathway to success. But organizations, business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals unable to produce such ideas, risk slipping into irrelevance. In this eye-opening and highly practical presentation, we share important insights and best practices for effective innovative problem solving, including key elements of the SmartStorming Innovative Problem- Solving Process. Everyone possesses problem solving genius. The trick is tapping into it whenever and wherever you need it.

“Everyday Innovation: Putting Innovation Theory into Practice”

To be a successful, innovative organization, you need more than theory and concepts—you need skills, tools, and hands-on experience. This acclaimed program is a powerful mix of presentation, skills development, and expert facilitation through the SmartStorming Innovative Problem-Solving Process™. Specifically-designed to put innovation theory into practice, it’s the ideal “finale” to any conference, business meeting, or event. Scalable for groups of all sizes, your audience will learn…
  • Why innovative problem solving is critical to their success
  • Fundamental principles of innovative problem solving
  • A simple, practical definition of innovation
  • Powerful problem-solving techniques they can start using right away
  • PLUS have the opportunity to apply their new innovative thinking skills, to solve real-world business challenges important to the organization!

“The Future by Design: 7 Essential Elements of Innovation”

The most powerful and lasting innovation, the kind we all aspire to achieve, is revolutionary in nature. It transforms the status quo, brings about dramatic shifts in behavior and attitudes, and generally delivers significantly enhanced value to those who experience it. This type of innovation doesn’t happen by accident. It is typically conceived, planned, developed and realized, thoughtfully and deliberately. In this powerful and inspiring program, Keith introduces your audience to the essential elements they will need, if they want to “change the game.”
SmartStorming How to Think Outside the Box

“The Secret Behind ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ (And Staying Out)”

We all are challenged today to “think outside the box.” But just what is that box we’re trying to think out of? What is it that so often makes it feel so difficult, if not impossible, to generate bold, innovative solutions? In this entertaining and highly interactive program, we reveal how our own, limiting beliefs about a challenge, and specifically what is or is not possible, are the key roadblocks to innovative problem solving. Plus, he leads the audience through a powerful problem-solving technique that eliminates the problem, and reveals unlimited possibilities.
SmartStorming Divergent and Convergent Thinking

“Innovation Alchemy: 10 Problem-Solving Secrets of the World’s Most Innovative Companies”

Today, if you’re not continually rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing your work—and delivering ever-increasing value to your customers—you can quickly find yourself playing “catch-up,” trying to keep up with the competition. And this innovation imperative doesn’t just apply to organizations; it affects teams and individuals, alike. But for many, developing innovative solutions can be a daunting task.
In this powerful program, participants will learn 10 innovative problem-solving approaches employed by innovation leaders like Apple, Google, Disney, and Nike—reliable, systematic, and efficient manner approaches that can be applied instantly to any business challenge or opportunity..