What our clients are saying…

What our clients are saying…

by adminsmartstrm

“Smartstorming challenges the status quo…helping redefine “creativity,” which ultimately leads to a stronger ability to think differently and solve problems in more innovative ways.”

Stacy Jones, Director, Corporate Communications, Capital One

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much amazing feedback we are receiving. Several people have said this is the best offsite they have ever attended. Not only was it fun – but we all learned so much in the process. Thank you for making us all so much better at our jobs and teaching me how to better inspire the folks around us.”

Lauren Radcliffe, Vice President, Client Solutions, NBCUniversal

“SmartStorming really rejuvenated my team. It made us more excited about the idea-generation process, but most of all, helped me think of innovative new ways to approach my day-to- day business. I would recommend SmartStorming to any team that feels complacent, and needs a shot of idea caffeine.”

Karima Hamamsy, Google Display Network Strategist, Google

“The training was a lot of fun, but more importantly, everyone came away with a lot of insights and valuable tools we can use in our upcoming brainstorms. From a training perspective, I know I personally am going to benefit from using these skills in teaching/facilitating any topic.”

Erika Klug, Learning & Development Specialist, Under Armour

“SmartStorming has proven to be an invaluable training partner for Omnicom Media Group. As an organizer and a participant, I can testify that the techniques are easy to master and enjoyable to execute. We’ve used them internally for a variety of sessions, including revisiting topics on which we thought had been exhausted. SmartStorming has built up some impressive street credit within our organization, and we are always getting requests for their material to be brought in. We look forward to continuing to rollout their workshops across all of our agencies in the US.”

Kim Plue, U.S. Manager, Learning & Development, Omnicom Media Group

“Smartstorming was the best corporate training session I have ever participated in. I can see opportunities to apply these strategies in just about any team setting. The session was well organized, energetic, and allowed opportunity for hands-on practice. It was really helpful and engaging to see the techniques come to life! I will definitely be looking for additional training opportunities with the SmartStorming team.”

Melissa Pickett Gouge, Broadcast Supervisor, Omnicom Media Group

“Thank you for creating a highly engaging program for our team during our annual sales meeting this year. We learned great idea generation approaches that were both fun and practical. The simple strategies and “rules” allowed us the freedom to come up with hundreds of ideas, without restrictions, that lead to better end solutions. We, as a team, committed to continuing these practices in our everyday work together, and will be a better more creative team due to it.”

Bethany Frick, VP, National Accounts, DIAGEO North America

Bethany Frick, VP, National Accounts, DIAGEO North America

“Thank you for a stellar job at our annual Innovation Conference. Your SmartStorming problem-solving presentation was a highlight of the event. The energy in the room was incredible and your ability to keep it bubbling for nearly 4 hours was brilliant. And the fact that our attendees left with valuable insights and skills was a big plus. Our senior management was also very impressed, and is keen to have you do more work with our team.”

Scott Crane, Director Advanced Development Enablement, Arbor Networks: A division of NETSCOUT

“Keith and Mitchell provided a spot-on presentation which perfectly reinforced our conference theme and lifted our conversation to the forward-thinking perspective we had hoped for. They effectively engaged with us before the presentation to best understand the context of their appearance, and worked to customize their remarks to have the greatest impact. The energy level, humor, and “aha” factor were all in constant play. It was a home run for us!”

Michael J. Armstrong, CEO, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards