We're really excited about launching our blog.

Innovative thinking is what this blog is all about. And in particular, how to do it more effectively, more efficiently and more enjoyably. We're going to be sharing regular insights, experience and tips and techniques to help you and your organization generate more, better ideas then ever before.

In today's challenging environment, businesses need a constant supply of fresh, innovative ideas. We call this the "Innovation Imperative," and we'll refer to it often on these pages.

Workforces are overtaxed and frustrated due to constant pressure to think "outside the box," to work more efficiently, to raise performance levels and to maximize productivity-often under the stress of tight deadlines and limited resources.

One of the most widely-used tools for generating new ideas is traditional brainstorming. However, brainstorming is a severely inadequate and fundamentally flawed process.

SmartStorming is a totally new approach to brainstorming. You can learn all about it at www.SmartStorming.com.

But for now, we'd like to start with a poll, to find out just what you think about brainstorming as it's currently practiced in your organization. We'll report back on the results when they're in.

Thanks again and we'll be back to you soon.

Mitchell & Keith

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