Obama's First Pillar of Recovery - INNOVATION

It would appear that our government has realized that our ability to recover from economic crisis, to generate new, worthwhile jobs, even to remain competitive in the global marketplace, will be due, in part, to our ongoing ability to innovate.

Innovation - it is no longer a quality of only a few, select, forward-thinking corporations. It is the benchmark of success in every industry. The ability to continuously reinvent yourself, to anticipate customer needs and desires, and to provide solutions - even before they know they want them - is the 21st Century "business as usual." "Innovate or Perish" is the new Darwinism.

And the birthplace of every innovation is an idea. Certainly it takes much more to fully realize meaningful innovation. But without fresh, new, paradigm-shifting ideas, you have nothing. Learn to generate a continuous supply of fresh, new ideas, and you are on your way to being as innovative in your field as Apple, Facebook and Google are in theirs.