Pioneering Technologies That Could Revolutionize Your Workplace By Guest Blogger, Robert Fulton

Over the last decade, the Internet has served to reshape nearly every facet of our lives. No other area of our lives has experienced such a radical change, however, as that of the way we do business on a day to day basis.

The Internet has dramatically changed the face of business connectivity. The world, made smaller through the Internet, has seen the emergence of business technology that allows business to carry on from anyplace where an Internet connection is afforded. The need of a physical office space has already been nearly eliminated. In looking to the horizon of new technology, there are a great many more changes to come that will make all that has already been accomplished, pale in comparison. From complete centralized workspaces, to seamless video conferencing, the way in which we all conduct business is about to change yet again.

With the prominent installation of Internet connectivity around the world, it has quickly become the staple of our business needs. Where we once looked for logical organized workspace, we now look first for the availability of high speed Internet connectivity. In keeping with this phenomenon, a great many Internet connectivity business applications are being developed; and many that we already use are being expanded. The concept of centralized work spaces is becoming the business workplace norm rather than the exception. Business luxuries once considered frivolous are now demanded necessities.

Centralized Internet workspaces; more commonly referred to as cloud computing, is rapidly overtaking the more recent traditional computer desktop. The implementation of centralized desktop workspaces in the business sector is allowing business owners around the world to unite a very qualified, very talented, geographically diverse workforce. Where once limited by the availability of a local work force, business owners are now able to attract potential employees from across the globe. In creating a global network carried on the shoulders of the Internet, business owners will more and more be capitalizing on the much greater productivity potential of a global workforce.

Wireless Internet service has created the ability for business managers and owners to mange every aspect of their business from anywhere in the world. The days of an employee approaching their manager in his/her office will soon be a thing of the past. With increased connectivity the need to physically oversee employees is rapidly evaporating. Teams of workers can be addressed, all at once, via streaming Internet feeds afforded by blazing fast Internet connections. Video conferencing eliminates the need for physical, face-to-face communication, as it is nearly the same thing. Business owners and managers are able to closely monitor and manage multiple office locations simultaneously, as never before. In the ever-changing workplace environment, expect a transformation from the manager’s office to that of the manager’s video conference room in the very near future. For many of us, this is already an effective reality.

The Internet has subtly (and often times dramatically) affected nearly every aspect of our lives. When it comes to the business workplace there is certainly no exception. The Internet has afforded business owners and managers a new level of connectivity; and it is a safe bet that this trend will continue well into the future. Be it centralized workspaces that bring together individuals from around the globe, to unite as one international cloud computing team, or the use of seamless video conferencing to replace the need of a physical presence; it is certain that the face of our day to day work place is about to dramatically change, yet again.


Robert Fulton is a 20-something technology enthusiast originally from the west coast. When he's not working or studying for his master’s degree, you can find him traveling the world and spending time with his son.