The People That Make Us Say, “Wow!”

There are people out there whose job it is to make us say, “Wow,” on a daily basis. They are the “creative types” among us – the ad men and women, entertainers, writers, artists and just about everybody working at Apple.

It’s not easy making us say, “Wow.” Sure, sometimes it’s fun. But often it’s just plain, old hard work. Some days we are in the mood to say, “Wow.” But many days, we’re just like, “Yeah, so what?” That’s when it’s a grind.

The funny thing is, those people don’t really do what they do because of us. They do it because they don’t know how to do anything else. Making us say, “Wow” is just who they are.

There’s something to be learned from these people. Not necessarily about being creative (although there is that, too) – but about “being” your work, rather than just “doing” it.

“Work,” here, may not be the thing you do to earn money. The work we’re talking about here is what you do with passion, the thing you love. The work that, on good days, doesn’t seem like work.

You may not be a writer or actor or artist or Steve Jobs. You may not have a blog or a business or a platform. But you do have a masterpiece in your head. Everybody does.

Just bring yours to life and share it with the world. And then watch us say, “Wow!”