Why People Listen to Seth Godin

If you already know who Seth Godin is, and listen to him, then read on only if you’re curious. If not, read on because you really will benefit – and then as soon as possible, read even more: Permission Marketing, Tribes, Purple Cow, The Dip, Linchpin, and/or any and all of Seth’s books.

The question here isn’t WHO Seth Godin is, but rather, why so many people stop and listen whenever he opens his mouth. The reason? They’re on a journey. And Seth Godin knows a thing or two about the land in which they travel

Seth Godin is a modern-day tour guide, and a particularly good one. He points out the worthwhile sites. He tells us what is worth paying attention to, and what is not. He reminds us why we are on this particular trip to begin with, how we got here, and where we are headed.

And most of all, he inspires us to take advantage of the revolution that is going on all around us.

People listen to Seth because he says what they already know - but are all-too-often too lazy to do anything about.

Embrace this journey, or just go along for the ride. Your choice.