by Dinos Hamalis

Everyone on your team is creative.
Unfortunately, 75% feel they are falling short.

What if everyone in your organization had the creative confidence
to make your business more innovative?

Creative thinking is a process
that can be learned.

Everyone has the capacity to think more creatively. We provide the
principles, skills, and tools necessary to fully develop that ability.

Without creative thinking,
your organization will never be truly innovative.

It’s no wonder CEOs ranked “creativity” the #1 leadership skill
necessary for success.

The Innovation Gap

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, if you aren’t continuously searching for new, innovative ways to disrupt your own business… someone else will disrupt it for you. But no matter how committed you might be to innovation, if the people actually doing the work aren’t thinking and performing like innovators every day, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your innovation goals.

Everyday Innovatingsm

SmartStorming transforms your team’s thinking, their way of working, and their approach to collaboration—so that they no longer just “do their job,” but are consistently developing new, better, more innovative ways of delivering value. We call it Everyday Innovatingsm—and when everyone in your company is doing it, you not only survive in this world of continuous change…you thrive.

SmartStorming Partners

SmartStorming Founding Partners Keith Harmeyer and Mitchell Rigie are authors, consultants, facilitators, and speakers with over 50 years combined experience and expertise on innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and idea generation.

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SmartStorming Services & Programs

Innovative Problem-Solving Consulting

SmartStorming will work with you and your leadership to identify the most effective solutions for optimizing your innovation team culture, process, and daily business activities.

  • Culture and performance Assessments
  • Innovative Thinking Skills Development
  • Innovative-Focused Vision/Mission/Values Development
  • Executive and Team Coaching

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Innovative Thinking Diagnostic Assessments

Utilizing the world’s most advanced psychometric assessment and development tool for creative thinking ability, SmartStorming can help uncover your team’s leverageable creative problem-solving strengths, areas in need of improvement, and determine a customized plan for development.

  • Diagnoses 12 individual factors of creativity in 4 dimensions: Idea generation, Personality, Motivation and Confidence
  • Provides knowledge, confidence, and motivation necessary to think and act more innovatively
  • Improved job performance; and greater flexibility in the face of change

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Facilitated Business Solutions

You have challenges to tackle. We guide your team through the SmartStorming Process. You walk away with valuable, innovative solutions. Our Facilitated Business Solutions are the fastest, most effective way to improve your team’s problem-solving skills, while actually solving real challenges. We will…

  • Partner with you to thoroughly plan your event or session
  • Expertly guide your team through the SmartStorming Process
  • Teach practical, innovative-problem-solving skills and techniques that participants can immediately put to use

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Skills Development Programs

Our intensive, hands-on skills development programs provide the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary for experiencing highly productive and rewarding problem-solving sessions, every day. Your team will learn to generate fresh, innovative business-building solutions whenever they are needed. Unique programs are available for…

  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Individual Contributors

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Speaking, Keynotes & Event Programs

SmartStorming Partners Keith Harmeyer and Mitchell Rigie deliver powerful, highly-interactive programs designed to demystify the innovation process, build confidence, and unleash your audience’s problem-solving genius.

  • Innovation Summits
  • Conference Executive Events
  • Sales Meetings, and more!

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The SmartStorming Book

SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger,
Better Ideas is the most comprehensive how-to manual and idea generation
toolkit ever published on the subject of innovative problem solving
and group brainstorming. It can help anyone learn how to consistently
plan and lead highly effective problem-solving sessions! The
book includes…

  • Complete SmartStorming instructional guide and desk reference
  • Planners, worksheets and facilitation tips
  • 20 innovative problem-solving techniques & tools

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